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My Review of Circle With Disney

As a mom of 3 children (ages 7-11) I have been concerned about their internet usage; how long, what website they go to, etc. We have a wide variety of devices in our family. My son has an ipad, my other son has a kindle fire, my daughter has an android tablet and we also have some laptops. I tried a few different options that I installed on their devices but they never worked well for everyone. After doing some research I purchased Circle With Disney and I’m very happy with it.

Installation of Circle with Disney

I purchased Circle With Disney just over a month ago from After opening the box it took just a few minutes to set up. You have to plug the unit into the wall (anywhere is fine). Then you follow the directions to download the app and link it to your wifi. It was simple and pretty quick.

The next step was to set up a profile for each person in our family. The app showed me all the devices that were using our internet. I just had to attach that device to my child’s profile. Some devices such as my laptop, our blue ray player, etc I didn’t link to any account so that there were no limitations at all.

For each child I set up a profile with their picture that had their personal settings. I can choose time limits as well as a bedtime and filter levels. Their limits are flexible so you can choose a different bedtime on school nights or set up a specific schedule. You do this for every child so each child can have unique settings.

How it Works

Circle with Disney is easy to use. Once its set up you don’t really have to do anything. If you want to make a change its easy. When I go into their setting I can easily pause it (if I want to turn off their internet) or reward then with extra time. I can also view that child’s insights to see how much time they have spent on the internet and what sites they have gone to. I can even pause the internet for the entire house if I want to just turn the tech off for a bit.

When someone comes over and logs into our internet I get an alert that a new device has logged on. If I don’t do anything with this new device it will work like normal. This makes it super easy for family when they come over. They don’t need to do anything different now that I have Circle with Disney. In fact, they may not even realize it.

On the other hand if my child has a friend over I can quickly create a “friend” profile, put my child’s friends device into it and put strict limits so that there is no getting into trouble at my house and even monitor what they do.  Since the limits are on devices using my internet it doesn’t cause a problem for the child and will have no effect on their device when they leave.

You also get free Disney content to view such as shows and activities. Lots of fun things for kids to do, especially younger ones.

Away From Home

Circle by Disney only works for my family when my children are on the internet in our house. With your account, which has no annual fee, you can add a program with an annual fee to protect your family when you are out of the house and away from your internet. We have not tried that service yet.

Pros of Circle with Disney

  • It is fast and easy to set up
  • No annual fee
  • Can add others to your account quickly
  • No issue for visitors
  • Monitors your children’s activity
  • Fast and easy to add/take away internet privileges

Cons of Circle With Disney

  • Only works in your home/internet
  • Can shut down internet but doesn’t turn device off

Overall I think its a great product and I’m glad we have it. I recommend Circle with Disney for your family to help keep them safe on the internet and be in control of screen time. It can be purchased on



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