5 Things to do BEFORE you leave the country on vacation

Heading on a cruise or other vacation that is going to take you out of the country? Check out these 5 Things to do BEFORE you leave the country on vacation!

5 things to do before you leave the country on vacation

  1. Get an app that you can talk over wifi..whats app fb messenger, etc. Make sure the people you want to communicate with have access to that app. Test it out before you go and make sure you have the right contact etc. 
  2. Make 2 copies  of your passports front page and your travel insurance information. Give one set to someone at home and bring the other set with you and keep it in a safe place separate from your originals.
  3. Put a travel advisory on your credit card. First check to see which of your credit cards have the lowest foreign transaction fees. Once you determine that you will need to contact them and let them know about your travel plans. Also be sure you you have that credit card info and the emergency number for that card written down separately in case you lose your card and you need to contact the company to report it lost or stollen. You can keep that with you and/or leave the info with someone not traveling.
  4. Get local currency. If you are traveling to a country that doesn’t  take American money you will want to understand what the exchange rate is, what the fees are with your bank, or what fees you will pay if you withdraw cash from an atm internationally. This will help you make a good decision while you are traveling.
  5. Put you phone in airplane mode once you leave the country. This will protect you from racking up roaming fees. You will still be able to get on wifi to use the internet.

Have a magical vacation and be safe!!

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