5 Things You Need To Pack For Your Cruise

Here is my list of 5 things you need to pack for your cruise. You could also say 5 things you didn’t know you needed for your next cruise.

 1. Lanyards – cruises are a cash free zone so all you need is your cabin key card. You use it not only to get in your room but as your ship ID, to purchase drinks and merchandise, and even to do certain experiences onboard.  Different cruise lines call it different things such as “Key to the World”, “Seapass” , etc. Keeping your card in a lanyard is the easiest way to carry it around when you are onboard.

2. Pop up hamper – you will want to unpack and put your luggage away so a pop up hamper is a great way to collect your dirty laundry and keep things cleaned up.

3. Power strip – There are not nearly as many plugs in the cabin as you are used to so a power strip is very helpful. On our last cruise aboard the Norwegian Getaway there was only one outlet with two plugs in the main cabin, nothing in the bathroom. THAT WAS IT!!!! You may also want a charger that has multiple USB ports so that will only take up one plug and you have other outlets available for other things.

4. Dry bags – if you are doing excursions that involve water or plan to have 

your stuff at the pool you will want a dry bag to protect your phone, passports etc. Be sure to measure your phone carefully including the case to be sure you get the right size and you don’t have to take your case off to put it in the bag. Now you can take pictures at the pool without a worry. 

5. Passports – At the time of this post passports may not be required for your cruise BUT it is highly  recommended you always cruise with a passport for every member of your family.

These are out top 5 things you need to pack for your cruise. Don’t wait until the last minute to take care of these things and test them out before you leave home. Don’t leave home with out them. Still trying to figure out what cruise line is best for you? Read our review of NCL vs DCL and then contact Magical Memory Planners for a quote.

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