Is It REALLY Free?

freeI get asked this question all the time. Honestly, it does seem too good to be true, right? Free help sorting through all the options of a Disney vacation, booking your trip and dining reservations for you, personal reminders about key dates in your trip planning process, always looking out for a better deal for you, a customized trip itinerary, and always being able to quickly get in touch with someone who knows you and your trip when you have questions? There’s got to be a catch. But there really and truly isn’t.

So you might be wondering why Magical Memory Planners (MMP) agents do this work and how we offer our services for free to our clients.

First, the why. We LOVE Disney! It is truly so much fun for us to help you plan your vacation. We have extensive knowledge and experience with Disney and enjoy using those skills to help you have the most magical vacation possible. If you are curious about how we plan your vacation, you can read all about that here.

And now the how. We do get paid for our work… just not by you. Disney wants you to have a great vacation! They also know that the options and process of planning a magical Disney vacation can be overwhelming and complicated. That is why they pay us a small commission as a thank you for planning and booking your vacation for you. That said, we only get paid if you book your trip with us. And that is why we limit our help to our clients only. We are happy to help others with their Disney trip by pointing them in the right direction of resources, but the benefits of using a MMP agent are reserved for our clients.

Our magical services are not just limited to Walt Disney World. We love to work with clients to help them plan Disneyland, Disney Cruise Line, and even Adventures by Disney trips!

So, as you can see, it really is a win for everyone involved to book your vacation with a Magical Memory Planners agent. You get a magical vacation built just for you along with the other perks of being our clients, Disney gets happy visitors who want to return again, and we get the joy of sharing the Disney magic with you… and a paycheck.

Want to start planning your magical Disney vacation with us? Fill out our quote form here and we’ll be in touch soon!

About Jo Garrett

Jo has been a Magical Memory Planner since 2014. She has lots of personal travel experience and would love to help you plan your next magical vacation for FREE.
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