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Be Our GuestBe Our Guest at Magic Kingdom


A few MMPs recently had the opportunity to have lunch at Be Our Guest. I was so excited to try out the newest restaurant in the Magic Kingdom. Be Our Guest is a unique restaurant in many ways. One of the main ways is how it switches from a quick service dining location at lunch to a table service dining location at dinner. That means if you can’t get reservations for dinner you can go there for lunch. It also has the most unique quick service system, although I wonder if there will be more like this in the future.

This is a review of our quick service lunch at Be Our Guest.Be Our Guest Menu

We got into line around 1pm. The line looked long and was over the bridge to the outside sign (around where you check in for a table service reservation in the evenings). Cast members came through and handed out menu’s so we could see what the options were. The line moved very quickly and by 1:20 we were inside getting ready to order.Be Our Guest Armory We were welcomed into the castle and directed to the armory where there were more menus that rotated with big pictures of the entrees. WOW! It looked good. Next we were given a magic rose and sent into the library. When we got to the library to order there was the option, depending on form of payment, to go to a self-service kiosk or to one with a cast member. Be Our Guest RoseWe took our magic rose to a kiosk and ordered our meal. If you have anyone with an allergy (like we did) then you order everyone else’s food first and then click on the allergy tab and select the allergies you have. Be Our GuestThe menu will sort and show you the options you can order. For our MMP with a gluten allergy she was able to choose from the Tuna Salad, Quinoa Salad, Turkey Sandwich, or Braised Port Shank. It will also give you the options for sides and dessert also. After you select everything you want to order you can pay for your meal and then you take your magic rose into the dining room and choose your seat. They only allow you to order if there is room for you to sit so you won’t have a problem finding a table. There are 3 dining rooms to choose from at lunch time.

The Ballroom

This room is modeled after the ballroom where Beauty and Beast danced. It is complete with snow falling in the widows at the back. Be sure to take in the ceiling and all the beautiful artwork the imagineers did. Be Our Guest BallroomBe Our Guest BallroomBe Our Guest




The Rose Gallery

This room is a beautiful room with Beauty and the Beast as a focal point in the middle. There are beautiful tapestries and artwork in this room to look at. Be Our GuestBe Our Guest




The West Wing

The west wing is a dark room just like the west wing in Beast’s castle. It also houses the magic rose under a glass dome. Every so often a thunderstorm strikes with thunder and lightening. The theme of this room might be a little much for some young children and those sensitive to sounds.

Be Our GuestBe Our GuestBe Our Guest





We decided to sit in the Rose Gallery. We picked a table. Placed our magic rBe Our Guestose with our receipt on the table and then helped ourselves to silverware, napkins, and drinks. Each room has a self service drink station (they are covered up for dinner). We only waited about 10 minutes beBe Our Guestfore our food arrived. The meal that was special ordered for an allergy was brought out by hand but the rest of the food arrived on a food trolly. It was fun that the food food “magically” found our table.  Here are the meals we ordered:

Be Our Guest

Gluten Free Carved Turkey Sandwich

Be Our Guest

Quinoa Salad

Be Our Guest

Vegetable Quiche

We all thought our meals were very good. The food came quickly everything that was supposed to be hot was very hot. It was a very good meal and something different then your typical quick service meal. The atmosphere was also different since it was cool and felt relaxing to us. Of course we had a late lunch (after 1 pm) so it was not during the busy lunch rush.

We did not get any dessert this time but caught a glimpse of them on the trolly. I would love to eat at Be Our Guest again! I would recommend eating a later lunch between 1pm and 1:30pm for a relaxed meal with a shorter wait. The best way to get to Be Our Guest at this time is near the Carousel in Fantasyland. The entrance is right next to Enchanted Tales with Belle. Once the construction is finished you will be able to access the restaurant coming from Storybook Circus area as well by crossing in front of Under the Sea – The Journey of the Little Mermaid.

Have you enjoyed lunch at Be Our Guest? Let us know how the crowds were at the time you ate and how you enjoyed your meal. Did you try the grey stuff? Is is delicious?

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