Disney Cruise Line Packing Tips

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Disney Cruise Line Packing Tips

Most people are well aware of the basics you need to pack. You need plenty of clothes for swimming, sight seeing, recreation, and dinner. Besides all your basic things here are some Disney Cruise Line packing tips.

Day Bag: If you are planning to get off the ship in port you might want to bring a backpack or day bag to carry your personal things with you. Make sure you have some way to securely carry your documents and money. You may also want to carry a snack or bottled water depending on the port, weather, and activity. You may be able to use one of your carry on bags but think ahead when you are packing to be sure you have something that will be the right size and easy to carry.

Large Beach Bag: This is highly recommended if you are traveling with a family. I brought our large beach bag by putting it empty on the bottom of my suitcase. It didn’t take up that much room but it was great to have on the trip. On board you may need it up at the pool area to carry sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, cover ups,  etc. Towels are provided but you may have to carry around your other gear. I also used my Large Beach Bag at Castaway Cay. It is a decent walk or a tram ride to the beach. In fact there is a lot of beach and areas to go. They provide towels but they are right when you get off the ship. We had to carry everything to the beach. I was glad I had the big beach bag to put everything in.

Snorkel Equipment: If you have a snorkel set you should bring it with you. You can use it at Castaway Cay and there are lots of beautiful fish. We have a set and it saved us some money.

Something to Autograph: You can drop something off at Guest Services to have signed. Pillow cases, sheets, t-shirts, tote bags, hats, postcards, 8×10 autograph mat, in addition to traditional autograph books can be left.

Walkies Talkies: I know that sounds old fashion but when you are out at sea you cannot use your cell phones. Either they won’t work or you will incur huge roaming fees. If you have older children or a bunch of adults and you want to be able to communicate on board consider bringing these. That way you can check in on your kids, find out whose still at the pool, or anything else.

Matching Outfits: The cruise line has many talented photographers on board. They don’t charge any sitting fees and have a variety of backgrounds to choose from. We took a family picture with an all white background. It came out great. Its not often we are all together and can get a professional family portrait. You are not required to purchase the pictures but you can. We purchased just a single 8×10 and it was $25. That’s not bad. They have a lot of other options of sizes and packages if you want more. The key is to plan ahead and be sure to bring coordinating outfits for your family. It will be worth the effort.

Something Warm:  You may be in the Caribbean or some place warm but don’t underestimate the power of air conditioning, especially in the dining rooms. They are kept quite cool so that you can enjoy a hot meal but you may feel cold in your sundress. Make sure you bring a sweater for yourself and especially the kids since they may be more sensitive to being cold.

Highlighter: This one may seem silly but if you are a planner like me then you will look over the navigator every night and see tons of things you will want to do the next day. Since the activities are broken up into segments throughout the day you can highlight your favorites so you can glance at it later and see exactly what it was you wanted to do. To check out what the Navigator looks like and what may be happening on your next cruise check out these Navigators.

I’d love to hear from you experience DCL travelers. What are your Disney Cruise Line Packing Tips? Thanks for sharing your advice.

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  2. piracetam says:

    On our recent voyage on the Disney Fantasy, we packed carry-on only for four people , which I felt was a feat in itself. Turns out, we still brought things we didn’t need (and others we were very glad we had). If you’re lucky enough to be packing for a Disney family cruise, learn from our triumphs and mistakes.

  3. After booking our Disney cruise, we were able to reserve excursions online, like scuba diving, snorkeling and parasailing. We ended up choosing a day at the Atlantis beach, jet ski rental for my son and husband at Castaway Cay, a glass bottom boat tour at Castaway Cay and snorkeling rental at Castaway Cay. These excursions are VERY costly, so be careful deciding. After our experience, I would say that we overdid it on the excursions and would have been just as happy staying on the ship or just experiencing Nassau or Castaway Cay as is. Saying that, my son and husband did enjoy the jet ski rental quite a bit and would definitely do that again. You can also book excursions at the locations, but you do take the risk of it being overbooked.

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