Disney’s Water Park Fun & More Option 2013 Explained

Disney's Water Park Fun & More Option

I always get lots of questions about Disney’s Water Park Fun & More Option. What is included and how it works?

What is included in Disney’s Water Park Fun & More option 2013?

How does Disney’s Water Park Fun & More option work?

The number of visits you get to the above locations depends on how many days you have on your ticket. You will get one visit for each day of your ticket with the exception of a one day ticket. On a one day ticket you will get 2 options.  For example; if you have a 7 day base ticket and add Disney’s Water Park Fun & More option you will have 7 entries into the above locations. You can use these the same day as a theme park or on a different day.  Unless you purchase the no-expiration option, these options will expire 14 days after first use.

How much does Disney’s Water Park Fun & More option cost?

If you want to add this option directly on a base ticket it will be an additional $57. New for 2013, you will be able to add  the Hopper option and Disney’s Water Park Fun & More option for $79. That’s only $22 more than either option alone. This is a big savings over spending $57 for each option as in previous years.

Can I go to both a theme park and water park in one day or do I need to purchase the hopper option?

The water parks close around 5 or 6 pm so it is a great idea to clean up and go to one of the theme parks, such as Magic Kingdom, to enjoy the fireworks and maybe even extra magic hours. You do not need the hopper option to do this. The hopper option allows you to hop between the 4 main theme parks on the same day. Although, since its not a lot more, you will get the best value to add the hopper option as well.

Can I buy a 4 day ticket with Disney’s Water Park Fun & More option for a 7 night, 8 day vacation?

Yes, but its not the best value. Disney allows you to customize your Magic Your Way package with whatever ticket option works best for your family. You could purchase the 4 day ticket and add the Water Park Fun & More Option. You can go to the 4 theme parks and then on the other days use one of the water parks, Quest, or another option so that you have an activity every day.

Two important things to remember are:

  1. The “option” locations often close earlier than the theme parks. If you plan on going just to a water park on those days you will be done by about 5 pm. You may want to have days in the theme parks available for meals or to spend some extra time on attractions you missed on your “day at the park”.
  2. A majority of your base ticket price is in the first 3 days. For example, upgrading from a 4 day to a 5 day ticket is only $12 a person more and will give you much more value for your time in Disney. Adding more extra days will be less than $12 each.

What if we only want to do 1 day at a water park? Should we purchase the option?

If you have already purchased the hopper option then yes. It would only be $22 more to add on the Water Park Fun and More option at this point but $52 to purchase a one day water park ticket.

If you didn’t purchase the hopper option then you can just purchase a one day water park ticket when you arrive since its $5 cheaper but if you plan to go to the water parks 2 days or want to visit Quest while in Downtown Disney then the option is the way to go.

Can we decide when we get to Disney or do we have to decide now?

Some times of year the weather may be more questionable or you may not be sure of your plans. You can add the Disney’s Water Park Fun & More option on once you arrive at your resort or anytime during your stay if you decide you want it. Just go down to the front desk with your “Key To The World” card and ask them to upgrade your ticket with this option. (If you want to add it to every member of your family or group be sure to bring ALL the cards with you) It will be $57 (or $22 if you already have the hopper option) plus tax just like it would be when you make your reservation. If you are traveling during a rainy season, late fall, or early spring and you are not ready to commit then you can wait until you arrive in Disney to make that decision.

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