Great Disney Character Conversations

Dinner at 1900 Park Fare in the Grand Floridian

A Disney Character visit to remember

Visiting with a Disney character is one of the highlights of any Disney vacation. Lots of people have autograph books or maybe some have discovered our amazing Disney autograph mats for a Disney character moment. Although many people have embraced the character autographs many people don’t realized the memorable and hysterical conversations you can enjoy with a Disney character.

We have enjoyed many wonderful Disney character interactions. A great one is at 1900 Park Fare (pictured above and to the right). Lady Tremaine and the step sisters are VERY funny. My daughter had been so concerned for Cinderella that she asked Lady Tremaine why she was so mean to Cinderella. Of course Lady Tremaine denied that she was mean to Cinderella but it made for a fun interaction.

Another character who we have had a lot of fun with is Tinkerbell. She asked my daughter about her talent. They decided together her talent was that she was a fast flyer like Vidia.  They also played hide and seek together. She also had a good time with our Disney Autograph Mat asking what she should do with it. She is a tinker fairy after all.

I’m sure a lot of that is not too surprising since they are face characters, they can talk, and you expect to have a little bit of an interaction. What about the other Disney characters that don’t talk? Can you have long conversations and fun with them too? YES!!! They are taught to communicate without words so they are ready to have a conversation with you too. Every Disney character will behave true to character and if you ask the right question or make the right comment they will react and you better have your video camera ready so you can remember it all.

Don’t know how to get the conversation started? Think about their personality and what happens in their movies and you should have some ideas. Drive Buzz nuts by calling him a  toy or tell Donald Duck he is number 1.  Get the idea? If not, or if you just want a laugh, check out these great Disney Conversation starters.

What are your favorite Disney character moments? We would love to here who your favorite Disney character is and if you had a fun or funny moment with them!

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