Disney Autograph Ideas

Disney Autograph Ideas

Need some Disney autograph ideas? I’ve tried a few Disney autograph ideas and my favorite is the Disney autograph mat we used on our last Disney trip.

Disney Autogrpah Ideas You can get them in pink or white for $8.95 and you can only get them here at Magical Memory Planners. Once we had it signed over two days I framed it:

Disney Autograph Ideas

Framed Autograph Mat with Disney Character Autographs

Other Disney Autograph Ideas:

On my trips to Disney as a child I used the Official Walt Disney World Resort Autograph Books. They are fun and they now have a few options including ones with a spot to put pictures in. You can buy these at the park or online for about $6.95-$10.95 depending on what type you choose.

For my kids I used a small creative memories album for a couple years. I had the characters sign the bottom of every page leaving me enough room to add a 4×6 picture when we got home. The kids do look through their books but they were a bit bulky to carry around the park. Especially when we had two.

The next year I decided to make our own books. I can’t find the exact directions I used since it was a few years ago but these instructions are similar. I used Word to make it.  I just used card stock and printed the names of the restaurants where we had ADRs for character meals on them leaving lots of room for autographs on each page. I also made a title page with our resort name, dates, and our first names. I had the books bound with a spiral, leather on the back and a clear plastic front at staples for a few dollars. This was a moderate amount of work but not difficult to carry around.

You can also purchase a Disney Junior Encyclopedia of Animated Characters: Including characters from your favorite Disney*Pixar films at Amazon.com and then have the characters sign their pages. They also have a book of just pixar character and princess. Any characters not included can just sign the inside cover. I’m going to try this on our next trip.

This bring my back to the autograph mats we used this year. They were easier to carry around and didn’t involve any preparation or creativity. Of all the Disney autograph ideas the autograph mat is my favorite. I guess that’s why I designed it.

What are your favorite Disney autograph ideas? What is the strangest item you have had autographed? We would love to hear from you!

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