How I Plan Your Trip

We have already worked with so many great families to help them plan their vacation full of magical memories. We wanted to give you some information about how we plan a trip and what you can expect from our FREE services at Magical Memory Planners.

First of all, we are all graduates of the Disney College of Knowledge. This means we will book your trip with the Walt Disney Travel Company. This is the same way you would book a trip directly with Disney. You will get the same prices, specials, and magical extras offered by Disney. The quote we give you will be exactly the same as if you called Disney directly and requested a quote. If you are lucky enough to receive a personal pin code then give us a call to see your special offer.

Secondly, we use the information each family gives us including family size, ages, budget, etc. to create an itinerary that would work best. Some families need help picking a time of year, resort, or ticket options. We are ready and willing to help with all those decisions. All our MMPs are parents and know all about traveling with kids. Each package is fully customizable so you don’t have to pay for a component you don’t need. Just because you are staying for 6 nights doesn’t mean you need a 6 day hopper. Only purchase what you need.

Other families call and they know exactly what they want. We have no problem with that either. We won’t try to get you to change your mind or upgrade you beyond what you already want to do. We can just facilitate the quotes and payments so you can stick to the fun parts of planning.

We can also help you decide what offer is best for your family and if a better offer comes along, even after you book, we will modify your reservation to reflect the better deal (based on availability).

After you have decided and booked your trip you can start looking in the mail because your folder will be coming with some information including important dates to remember, reservation confirmations, and a dining planning spreadsheet. We can also advise you if you have questions about setting up your My Disney Experience account or linking your reservation.

We will follow up again with you when its time to make dining reservations. We can make them for you, help you decide where to go, or you can go make your dining reservations online. Whatever you are more comfortable with.

We will also check in when its time to make fastpasses and do your online check-in. These can both be completed by you on your My Disney Experience account but we can assist and advise as well.

About 3 days before your final payment is due you will be hearing from us again to remind you about final payment.

Of course we are always available to answer any questions you have along the way about what to pack, not to miss attractions, and more. We always (baring a major family emergency) get back to clients the same day.

Using a travel agent can help you in many ways and we are excited to help each family plan a unique trip that suits their needs. Don’t forget to drop us an email after your trip and let us know how it all went or send us a postcard from the middle of the magic! We can’t wait to hear how much fun you had!

Want to get started? Request your free quote today!

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