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Welcome Hope Brooks to Magical Memory Planners

Hope BrooksHope Brooks

I live in Tennessee near the Great Smokey Mountains with my husband and two sons.

I have been to Disney four times and I’m planning a fifth trip this year. I have experienced Disney as a child, teen, and adult with all magical memories. I love planning trips for friends and family and have been helping them since I was 18.

My favorite vacation is Disney Cruise Line. I have sailed three times and I’m going back next year on the re-imagined Disney Magic. I have sailed on the Dream and Wonder already. There is nothing like Disney at Sea. I can’t brag enough on the service, quality, food, shows, and the ships themselves.

I would love to help you plan your next vacation! You can contact me at Hope@MagicalMemoryPlanners.com to get started.

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Top 10 Tips for a Truly Magical Disney World Vacation

10 tipsI am often asked for any tips I can share about planning a Disney vacation, so I thought I would share them with you here. These are my top ten tips for a truly magical Disney World vacation.

1. Don’t plan your own trip!
Seriously. Just don’t. Walt Disney World is so big and can be so overwhelming. Instead, get a FREE expert involved! That’s what the agents at Magical Memories Planners specialize in. Our goal is to make planning your vacation fun and stress-free so all you have to do is show up and enjoy time with your family. We can help plan the perfect vacation just for your family and budget. If you are curious about how we plan a vacation, you can read about that here.

2. Start planning about nine months in advance, if possible.
While we can help you put together a last minute trip that will still have plenty of magic, you will be more likely to get all the items on your wish list if you plan early. Dining reservations open up 180 days in advance and some locations book up very quickly. It can take a little time to decide which resort and vacation package will be the best fit for you, so starting the process of booking your vacation about nine months in advance is ideal. Then you will have plenty of time to book your vacation and think through which dining experiences you would like to book!

3. Pay for your vacation over time.
There is a Disney vacation for every budget. That said, Disney magic don’t come cheap. BUT it is worth every single penny. I promise. You can book your vacation with just a few hundred dollars down and your balance is not due until 45 days before your trip. So if you plan ahead, you can break the cost of your vacation up into payments. The wonderful thing about this is that when you arrive, everything is paid for and you don’t have to think about staying on budget. If you want to begin to set money aside specifically for your Disney vacation in a few years, you can even open up a Disney Vacation Account for free.

4. Don’t try to do it all in one day!
Disney World is so big that it is impossible to do everything. We found that taking a break in the middle of the day helped us get the most out of our days at the parks. Most people take their time getting to the parks in the morning, so if you arrive before the park opens, you can ride a bunch of rides with very little wait time for about two hours or so. Then, use your fastpasses to hit the other rides you think will have long lines later in the day. Leave around 1:30 or so and go swim at your resort’s pool or take a nap. Come back around 5:00 and have dinner. Then, ride a bunch more rides without long waits after everyone leaves to eat dinner or take small children back to the resort for the night.

Once (and only once), we made the mistake of doing one REALLY long (14 hour) day on our first day and our whole family was miserable, cranky, and sore the next day. NOT FUN. Don’t do it! So, this is what a typical day looks like for us in the parks:

  • 8:00 arrive at the park and head straight to our favorite ride as soon as we get in the gates. Ride a BUNCH of rides until the crowds show up around 10:00.
  • 10:30-1:30 use our fastpasses to bypass the crowds on other rides we want to ride. Eat a quick lunch in here somewhere.
  • 2:00-4:30 rest at our resort. Swim, watch tv, take a nap.
  • 4:30 head back to the park and eat dinner before 6:00.
  • 6:00-? ride a bunch more rides without much of a wait. Leave before everyone gets grumpy and tired.

5. Use your fastpasses!
So many people don’t really understand fastpasses. They basically let you bypass the lines and walk straight on to rides. You can select three for each day 60 days in advance of your arrival date. It is wise to choose these as soon as they become available as some rides fill up quickly. This is especially true for the Anna and Elsa meet and greet, Seven Dwarfs Mine Train and Toy Story’s Midway Mania. However, even if you don’t have a fastpass, these are worth the long wait!

6. Meet as many characters as you can.
Think up fun questions to ask them. They never break character and it is SO MUCH FUN! You can use fastpasses for most character meet and greets. You can even have meals with many of them, but they book up early. Have your awesome Magical Memory Planners agent book your character meals for you as soon as those dates open up.

7. Add Memory Maker.
It will be the best $169 you spend on this trip. Each time we go, we end up with more than 350 photos from our trip that Disney photographers took. Family photos galore and pictures from every single character interaction we had. AMAZING. And any ride that takes your picture? Those go on your Memory Maker account, too. So do the ride videos from Seven Dwarfs Mine Train and Hollywood Tower of Terror! Be sure to ask each photographer if they have any “magic shots” like the photo at the left. :) They will tell you to do something silly without explanation… just do it! The photos always turn out really fun. Want to know how to get the most out of Memory Maker? You can read about that here.

8. Spend the “extra” money and stay at a Disney resort.
It has been my experience that what you think you are saving in money, you pay in travel, trouble, and precious Disney time. Many people do not take things like parking fees, gas, rental car, etc. into account when staying off site. Plus, you lose the convenience of being able to do #4 above. There will be no mid-afternoon pool and nap break if you are staying off site.

Know that your Magical Memory Planners agent will always be on the lookout for the best deal for you. Disney often releases promotions throughout the year that may be able to be applied to your vacation, even after you book it! We make it our priority to get you the most value for your vacation money.

9. Use the Disney Dining Plan.
Like most vacation destinations, food at Disney World is expensive. If you use the Dining Plan wisely, it will save you money. Use your table service meals for character meals, enjoy all the quick service meal options (all meals come with drinks and desserts!), and be amazed at all the snack options. We once ended up with 7 snack credits left on our last day (the snacks are HUGE, so we share a lot). We used our remaining snack credits to buy goodies to bring home! It was so fun for us to have Disney treats for a few days after we returned… softened the blow of returning to the real world just a little.

Here is a sample breakdown of how the dining plan can save you money:
For a two adults, it comes out to about $120 per day.

Let’s do a day at Magic Kingdom for our example.
Lunch at Be Our Guest (quick service) including a drink and dessert will be about $20 per person.
A Snack of a Dole Whip will be $3.99 per person
Dinner at Chef Mickey’s will be $59.99 per person.
The refillable drink mug for your resort is $12.99 for the length of your stay which is about $2.60 per person per day (for a five day trip).

So, just with your day above, you will spend $173.16, so you saved over $50 just that day.

10. Expect to suffer from PDD… Post Disney Depression… after you get back home.
I cry every time I have to leave and usually again when I get home. It is hard enough to return to the real world after vacation, but to come back from Disney? That’s really hard! It truly is the happiest place on earth. And the memories you make there are priceless. The only cure I know of for PDD is a deposit on your next Disney vacation!

Ready for FREE help planning your Disney vacation? We’d love to help! Fill out our quote form here and we’ll be in touch soon!

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Welcome Emily Strassner

Emily Strassner

Hi! My name is Emily. I’m a mom of three incredible kids and a wife to an amazing man. As a mom, my focus has been to provide my family with enriching and memorable experiences. Because of this, Disney World has always been one of my favorite vacation destinations. We have been taking Disney vacations since my youngest was 18 months. Each trip was booked with careful planning and attention to detail. My friends and family began coming to me for vacation planning advice and assistance, and I soon realized my love for creating dream Disney vacations for others.

I am committed to furthering my education about Disney World, Disneyland, Disney Cruise Line, Disney’s Aulani in Hawaii, and Adventures By Disney. I want to be up to date on all of the current information about everything Disney!

My passion is to provide your family with a personally customized vacation. I am eager to create lifetime experiences to capture all aspects of your family’s desired Disney experience. I look forward to working with you and making your dream vacation a reality.

You can contact Emily to help you plan your next magical vacation at Emily@MagicalMemoryPlanners.com or Request a Free Quote now and select Emily as your MMP.

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THE Disney Cruise Article you NEED to read

DCL articlePreparing for your first Disney Cruise can feel overwhelming. Here is everything you need to know before you go!


Disney Cruise Line has 4 ships in their fleet: the Disney Dream, Disney Fantasy, Disney Magic, and the Disney Wonder. You will find specific information for each ship throughout this article.


Port: The left side of the ship (Both have 4 letters)
Starboard: The right side of the ship
Aft: The back of the ship
Forward: The front of the ship
Embarkation: The process of loading/boarding ship
Debarkation: The process of unloading the ship
Cay: pronounced KEY
Muster: The lifeboat safety drill
FE (Fish Extender): A pre-arranged swap of goods between DisBoard members
DCL: Disney Cruise Line

Getting Started

How to do your Disney Cruise Line online check in at 75 days prior (If you’ve never sailed DCL before)

Decide if you want to park at the port or off-site to save money. If you are flying, have your agent check the price of a private transfer versus the Disney shuttle. Families of four or more will save money doing a private transfer and they offer a complimentary stop along the way. Your port arrival time should be chosen now that you have completed your online check-in. Give yourself about an hour and half from the Orlando airport to arrive. The Disney shuttle will pick you up and drop you off at their convenience. If the bus is full, you will have to wait for the next.

What to pack? How to pack a family of four in one suitcase and what I carry on versus checking at the port.

What should you not pack? Disney has a list right here.

If you leave from a US port and arrive back at a US port, you are not required to have a passport at this time. (This is subject to change at any time) A certified copy of your birth certificate and a current driver’ license are sufficient. A passport is always recommended in case of emergencies.

Arriving at the Port (Port Canaveral)

Carry some small bills to tip the porters for handling your luggage. I suggest $1-2 per suitcase.


There are two entrances into the port, one is upstairs through the parking garage and one is downstairs at the drop off. I personally liked the upstairs entrance because it has a great view of the ship for pictures and it is less crowded as fewer people drive and park at the port.

TIP: there is also a restroom in the bottom level of the parking garage for those who arrive early and cannot enter the port terminal.

Your carry-on luggage must have certain dimensions, as all luggage is scanned before it enters the ship. The dimensions are as follows: 22 inches wide, 14 inches high and 9 inches deep.

REMINDER: all liquids like water bottles and alcohol must be carried-on and not checked.

You must arrive to the port no later than 3:30pm to ensure boarding.

Inside the Port (Port Canaveral)

Once you enter the port, you will be guided to a check-in line. Previous cruisers have their own line as well as concierge.

Once you get to an agent, you will provide all documentation for boarding: The cruise documents that you printed from your online check-in, your passport or Driver’s License and Birth Certificate, and a signed copy of your heath questionnaire (given to you at the port). You will also pose for a picture that will be linked to your Key Card.

You will be given a loading number at this time, listen for the numbers to be called over the speakers.

At this time you can wait in line to have your picture taken with Mickey Mouse, grab a pressed penny, or head over to the Children’s Activities line to finalize the club paperwork.

Restrooms, water fountains, vending machines, and TVs playing cartoons are also found inside the terminal.

Once your number is called to board, you will enter through the yellow ears and wait in a line to have your family picture taken. This picture has face recognition and helps forward future professional pictures into your Shutter’s folders.

After you have your picture taken, you will then board the ship! You will be asked for your family name and the cast members will announce your arrival onto the ship. A cast member will then approach your family and tell you about the ship and dining options. You will spend a few minutes with this CM before you are off on your own.

Boarding the Ship

Once you board the ship head over the Guest Relations counter if you need tickets for anything. Example: some cruises have Tea with Alice or character meet up tickets.

Guest Services can also help you with changing your dining time or adding gift cards to your on board account. You can add your gift cards anytime during the cruise so if there is a long line come back another day. The last evening will also have long lines so try to get things done before then if you can.

You can now head to lunch. There will be two restaurants open, one is on the pool deck and one will be on deck 2 or 3. Deck 2/3 will be much quieter and they will serve you your drinks versus the pool deck where you will have to get your own.

Your room will not be available to enter until 1:30pm, so now is the time to explore the kid’s clubs and finalize their paperwork if you opted to not do that at the terminal.

They also offer a Walking Ship Tour typically around 1pm. Check your Personal Navigator for exact time and location. This may be helpful for first timers or if you want to check out where everything is on the ship.

Your Cabin

Here is a list of items in your cabin:
A bed (On newer ships luggage stores nicely underneath)
A couch (will fold out to a bed… the bunk pulls down from ceiling above couch) – These will be done by your room steward while you are at dinner so don’t worry about how they work.
An alarm clock (Also an iPod docking station)
A room safe (inside closet)
A refrigerator
A steamer trunk for storage
A laundry bag (DCL will charge you if you take this home)
An ice bucket
A hairdryer (in desk Cabinet)
A set of wave phones (on desk)
A light blanket (on the couch)
A set of postcards and pen (in the desk)
Toiletries: Shampoo, Conditioner, Lotion, Bath and Face Soap

*Laundry rooms and irons are on each floor


(Not all 4 ships have the same dining options)

Your dining rotation will be listed on the bottom of your room key. If you decide to dine at the pool deck restaurant any night or if you have Palo or Remy reservations, PLEASE tell your server ahead of time so they do not wait for your party.

Rotation Dining

A-Animator’s Palate (dinner only)
E-Enchanted Garden (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
R-Royal Palace (breakfast, lunch and dinner)

A-Animator’s Palate (dinner only)
E-Enchanted Garden (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
R-Royal Court (breakfast, lunch and dinner)

A-Animator’s Palate (dinner only)
C-Carioca’s (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
L-Lumiere’s (breakfast, lunch and dinner)

A-Animator’s Palate (dinner only)
P-Parrot Cay (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
T-Tritons (breakfast, lunch and dinner)


Cabanas/Beach Blanket Buffet is a breakfast and lunch buffet and a table-service dinner option located at the pool deck.

*There will be a secondary buffet option on embarkment day. This will be the less chosen, less busier option.

Adult-Only Fine Dining

Palo/Remy (Remy can only be found on the Dream and the Fantasy) they are adult only, have a dress code, need reservations, and have a fee. Palo is $25 per person and Remy is $75. Palo also offers a brunch on four night cruises or longer on sea days.

Quick Service

Eye Scream and Frozone Treats- softserve with toppings (toppings can vary and be non-existent)
Flo’s Café- quick service area featuring 3 unique stations – American fare, pizza, salads and more (Station names include: Luigi’s Pizza, Tow Mater’s Grill and Fillmore’s Favorites)

Eye Scream and Frozone Treats- softserve with toppings (toppings can vary and be non-existent)
Flo’s Café- quick service area featuring 3 unique stations – American fare, pizza, salads and more (Station names include: Luigi’s Pizza, Tow Mater’s Grill and Fillmore’s Favorites)

Daisy De-lites- quick service breakfast, lunch and dinner
Eye Scream and Frozone Treats- softserve with toppings (toppings can vary and be non-existent)
Pete’s Boiler Bites- quick service American fare
Pinocchio’s Pizzeria- quick service pizza

Eye Scream and Frozone Treats- softserve with toppings (toppings can vary and be non-existent)
Goofy’s Gallery- quick service breakfast, lunch and dinner
Pinocchio’s Pizzeria- quick service pizza
Pluto’s Dog House- quick service American fare

Unless you specify that your family like to dine alone, Disney may pair you up with a like family at dinner. Have your agent specify on your reservation if you prefer to dine alone.

Early dining is at 5:45pm and late dining is at 8:15pm. Do not show up early or there will be a crowd at the door.

If you are paired with a family and you feel uncomfortable after the first night, ask guest services to change your seating for the following nights.

Your last morning breakfast before you debark you will be requested to dine in the restaurant that you ate at the prior night. This will give you a chance to say goodbye to your serving staff and hand them their tip envelopes. You can opt to NOT dine here and eat at the pool deck buffet, let your servers know that last night so they do not expect you the following morning.

Room Service

Room service is FREE. The menu is located in the book on the desk. A tip of at least a $1 per item is expected. There are items not listed that are available like a daily desert, mickey bars, cookies and milk, and Uncrustables sandwiches. Room service is NOT available for the morning of debarkation. You can order a carafe of coffee and some cereal boxes to be delivered the night before if you need to hurry off the ship in the morning.


687- Family Sports bar
Bon Voyage- family bar
Cove Café- an adult-only coffee bar where the pastries are FREE
Currents- Sunny and scenic deck bar
District Lounge- all ages during the day and adult only at night
Evolution- a dance club for adults only
Meridian- adults only on the deck next to Palo
Pink- adults only champagne bar
Skyline- adult’s only-transforming views bar
Vista Café- an all age’s coffee bar
Waves- all age’s deck bar

Bon Voyage- family bar
Cove Café- an adult-only coffee bar where the pastries are FREE
La Piazza- adults only, Italian inspired bar
Meridian- adults only on the deck next to Palo
O’Gills Pub- adults only Irish bar
Ooh La La- adults only French inspired bar
Skyline- adult’s only-transforming views bar
The Tube- adult’s only nightclub
Vista Café- an all age’s coffee bar

Cove Café- an adult-only coffee bar where the pastries are FREE
Fathoms- adults only nightclub
Keys- adults’ only piano bar
O’Gills Pub- adults only Irish bar
Promenade Lounge- family bar with scheduled activities
Signals- adults only deck bar

Cadillac Lounge- an adult only piano bar
Cove Café- an adult-only coffee bar where the pastries are FREE
Diversions- a family sports bar
Outlook Café- adults only view of the ocean bar
Promenade Lounge- family bar with scheduled activities
Signals- adults only deck bar
Wavebands- a family bar with scheduled activities


AquaDuck- water coaster
Donald’s Pool- family pool
Mickey’s Pool- a children’s pool with a one-deck high slide
Nemo’s Reef- young kid’s splash deck
Quiet Cove Pool- adult-only pool

Aquaduck- water coaster
Aqualab- water play area
Donald’s Pool- family pool
Mickey’s Pool- a children’s pool with a one-deck high slide
Nemo’s Reef- young kid’s splash deck
Quiet Cove Pool- adult-only pool

AquaDunk – 3 story water slide
Aqualab- water play area
Goofy’s Pool- Family pool
Mickey’s Pool- a children’s pool with a one-deck high slide
Nephew’s Splash Zone- ages three and under splash area
Quiet Cove Pool- adult-only pool

Goofy’s Pool- Family pool
Mickey’s Pool- a children’s pool with a one-deck high slide
Quiet Cove Pool- adult-only pool


Located on all ships unless otherwise noted

Bippity Boppity Boutique- located on the Fantasy
Buena Vista Theater- dial 888-325-2500 to see what movies will be playing on your cruise
Fitness Center- fully loaded facility
Goofy’s Sports Deck- miniature golf, virtual sports simulator, basketball/volleyball on Dream and Fantasy
Meet and Greets
Mid-Ship detective/Muppets Adventure Game- on Dream and Fantasy
Navigator- a daily itinerary of all activities found in your room at turn down and at guest services. Also available on the DCL App
Rainforest Room- $16/day for adult-only scented steam rooms, tiles loungers and private jacuzzis
Senses Spa and Salon
Shows- opposite times as your dinner. First showing is at 6:15 and the second show is at 8:00
Wide World of Sports- recreational activities on Magic and Wonder

Shows in the Walt Disney Theatre

Disney’s Believe
The Golden Mickeys
Villains Tonight

Disney’s Aladdin
Disney’s Believe
Disney’s Wishes

All Aboard: Let the Magic Begin
Disney Dreams
Remember the Magic
Twice Charmed: An Original Twist in the Cinderella Story
Villains Tonight

Disney Dreams
The Golden Mickeys
Toy Story- The Musical

Castaway Cay

Castaway Cay is a private island reserved just for DCL guests on Bahamian and Caribbean cruises.

There are plenty of chairs and umbrellas for every person on the ship; there is no need to rush off.

Castaway Cay has unlimited fountain sodas and ice cream as well as an included BBQ-style lunch.

Lunch is provided at Cookies and Cookies Too.

Here is a list of what is available for free:

Beach Towels
Castaway Family Beach
Character Greetings
Grouper Game Pavilion (shaded recreation like foosball and ping pong)
Handicapped wheelchairs
The Hide-out (Teen only beach)
In Da Shade Pavilion (A shaded recreation area)
Pelican Plunge (2,400 sq ft platform water play area)
Serenity Bay (Adult only beach)
Scuttle’s Cove- a supervised free kid’s club
Snorkel (FREE if you bring your own equipment)
Spring-a-Leak (2,400 sq ft water play area)
Sports Beach (Volleyball and tetherball)
Wagons to transport children and belongings
Water splash areas

Here is a list of activities with a fee:

Bike rental (They have bikes with training wheels, bikes with child seats and helmets)
Buy the Sea Shore (retail store)
Flippers and Floats (rent inner tubes, masks and fins)
Gil’s Fins and Boats (rent snorkel gear, kayaks, paddleboats etc)
Hair braiding
Marge’s Barges and Sea Charter Dock (for offshore recreations)
Open Air Massages
Paddle Boats
She Sells Sea Shells…and Everything Else (retail shop)
Water Sports

TIP: Ask about the buy one get one free alcoholic beverages in the afternoon

TIP: Pack your own sand toys to save money

TIP: There is a post office on the island, if you want something postmarked from CC you will need to stop by guest services before you get off and get Bahamian Stamps. The post office will not deal with American money.


Shutters is the photography service on the ship. You can view and purchase your photographs daily. Most dinners, pre-dinner and character meet will have a professional photographer available for pictures. The picture you took prior to boarding serves as the face recognition for future photos to be put into your onboard Shutters folder of pictures. IF you think you are missing any photos tell a CM and they can assist you.

You can purchase photobooks, individual photos and an all-included package. Stop by Shutters for pricing. You can also pre-purchase certain packages at a discount.

8×10 individual pictures are $20.95 each on board.
10 digital pictures is $149.95
All digital pictures on a 3 or 4 night is $194.94
All digital pictures plus prints on a 3 or 4 night is $269.95
A photobook on a 3 or 4 night is $149.95
All printed pictures on a 7 night is $295.95


Gratuities are $12 per person per night, regardless of child’s age. The tips will be taken from your onboard payment method unless you specify otherwise. You can also pre-pay these before you board.

This is how the tips are divided:
$4 to the Server per person per night
$3 to the Assistant Server per person per night
$1 to the Head Server per person per night
$4 to your Stateroom Steward per person per night

Alcoholic beverages and Spa Services have tips included

It is recommended to tip Room Service $1 per item ordered

It is recommended to tip Palo and Remy servers $10+ per person dining

You CANNOT give cash tips to any of the counselors or nursery staff

Kid’s Club/Nursery

All four ships have the same club names. On the Magic and the Wonder, the Oceaneer Lab and Oceaneer Club are across the hall. Which means you may go to pick up your kid and find out they have been escorted to the other area. When you sign your child up for the clubs, they will be given a magic band bracelet ($12.50 if lost or you want to keep) and you must provide a list of people that can check-in and check-out the child along with a password. You MUST have your Key to the World card to check your child in and out. There are “open house” opportunities; this is the only time adults are allowed into the clubs. Counselors will page your wave phone if any problems arise and you need to come and get your child. If you believe your child should be allowed into the club but is not yet three, the counselors will make that decision on a case by case basis.

Children must be potty trained and self-sufficient to enter the clubs. Parents with children with special needs should talk to the counselors on board regarding any special needs.

On the Dream and the Fantasy, they are connected. Here are some brief summaries on all the clubs.

Disney’s Oceaneer Club

Children aged 3-12 can create, perform, play games and more. Play areas, reading areas, televisions, play structures and more. Activities change every half hour to hour and are listed on the daily navigator. Children can eat lunch and dinner in the club.

The Dream and Fantasy has 4 distinct play areas: Andy’s Room, Monster’s Academy, Pixie Hollow, and Explorer Pad.

The Magic also has 4 distinct play areas: Andy’s Room, Marvel’s Avengers Academy, Mickey Mouse Club, and Pixie Hollow

The Wonder has Peter Pan themed play areas.

Disney’s Oceaneer Lab

Children aged 3-12 can explore and have adventures. The Lab has science experiments, cooking classes and other hand on play. The Lab has several themed spaces: Media Rooms, Animator’s Studio, The Wheelhouse, Sound Studio, and Craft Studio.


Tweens aged 11-14 can participate in arts and crafts, sing karaoke, watch television, and take part in special events like scavenger hunts and themed nights. There are video games, computer labs, flat screen TVs and more.


This is a teens-exclusive club for ages 14-17. A central place to meet and greet and hang out with a private sundeck, individual nooks and lead by the coolest counselors on deck. Your teen will love this spot.

It’s a Small World Nursery

Children 6 months to age 3 are safely cared for in 3 distinct areas: An acclimation zone, a main play area and separate room for naps. Movies, crafts and story time are offered for $9/hour. Nursery time should be pre-scheduled when doing your on-line check-in. Drop in times are also sometimes available. Diapers, formula, baby food, extra clothes should be brought to the nursery at drop off.

Guest Services

Guest services located on the third deck is a go-to for all your questions and needs. You can add gift cards to your account, switch dining rotations and times, check for lost and found items and so much more. Guest services will also take items to be signed by Mickey and Friends. It is requested that you provide no more than two items per stateroom, in a zip lock back with sharpies. Items can be pillowcases, autograph books or photo-mats.

Rebooking Desk

There is a desk on the 4th floor that has agents available for cruisers to rebook on board for a future cruise. Rebooking on board gives you 10% off your future cruise and $100-$200 on board credit. If you are unsure about a specific date but want to take part in the discount, ask the agent about a “dummy date”. This date is far enough out that you have time to get schedules together and change the date. You must sail within 18 months and not be in black out dates. Make sure you document your current agent’s name on the reservation for more goodies!


What to Wear

Resort casual clothing is the best way to describe how one should dress aboard the ship. Bathing suits, shorts and tank tops are not suggested for the main dining rooms. Palo has dress requirements like dress shirts, dress pants and skirt/dress or pantsuit. Remy requires a suit or dress pants and jacket. Women should wear a cocktail dress, pantsuit or skirt with blouse.

There will be semi-formal nights offered on most cruises but you are not required to dress up. On 7 night cruises a formal night will also be offered.

Swim cover-ups should be worn when walking through the hallways and lobby.

And don’t forget your pirate costumes if there will be a Pirate Night on your cruise!


There is internet access onboard the ships but due to the technology, service can be slow and unreliable. The Wonder and the Magic have internet cafes where as the Dream and the Fantasy will loan out laptops for a refundable deposit.

Usage rates and international fees vary from each phone service, it is recommended to keep your phone on airplane mode to avoid unnecessary fees and roaming charges. Look for internet cafes at your ports of call. Example: There is a Starbucks on Nassau that has free internet.

You will want to download the new Disney Cruise Navigator app to see the daily itinerary and use for the new texting options. This is a free service and uses the ship’s free internet.

Written by Danielle Wann
Collaborated with Jo Garrett

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Magical Memory Planners Designated an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner



Magical Memory Planners, LLC  – has been designated by Disney Destinations as an
“Authorized Disney Vacation Planner” based on its strong support in selling Disney vacations.
Magical Memory Planners has been in business in Pennsylvania for 2 years, and has gained specialized knowledge on vacations to the Disneyland® Resort, Walt Disney World® Resort, Disney Cruise Line® and Adventures by Disney® vacations.

Many travel counselors at Magical Memory Planners have received extensive training on Disney Destinations theme parks, resorts, cruises, vacation packages and more, and can provide the utmost in professional assistance in planning customized Disney vacations. In fact, one reason the agency attained the “Authorized Disney Vacation Planner” status is that all the frontline leisure travel agents are College of Disney Knowledge graduates. The College of Disney Knowledge is an in-depth comprehensive course that allows agents to
develop their expertise regarding the Disney Destinations – knowledge that consumers can take advantage of when planning a Disney vacation.

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Walt Disney World Spring Offer

Walt Disney World Spring Offer

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Magical Memory Planners Astore

What will you need on your next magical vacation? We have put together our favorite products for Walt Disney World, Disneyland, Disney Cruise Line, and Adventures by Disney. We even have a section for road trips and plane rides. Check it out!

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Universal Studios Orlando Black Friday Sale

Universal Orland Black Friday Sale Universal Orlando Black Friday SaleContact your MMP now to get details and get ready to book this amazing offer this weekend.

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Disneyland Special Offer

37548DLRQ2HotelOfrWebFl_CanRetailRequest your free quote today for this special offer.

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